Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors
Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors
Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors
Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors
Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors
Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors
Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors

Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors

Mounted F-Shaped Partition Wall With Doors

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It's never been easier to turn any corner into two private rooms. Our F-shaped Two-Room Kit can bo rotated to fit into any corner of your space, and instantly gives you two separate rooms with included accordion doors.
Width (door side)

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This wall system was the easiest to build. We took a messy unused room and created a useable extra room.

Andrew K.
Kelowna, BC

Easy to assemble and great customer service. The perfect solution if you need a quality room divider.

Matthew P.
Red Deer, AB

Used the L-shaped wall to hide a mailbox area. Super easy to put together. Looks amazing with decal!

Rebecca W.
Vaughan, ON

Just got it set up! Perfect for sectioning off our basement. Everything as described. Thanks!

- Geoff R.
Pembroke, Ontario

Excellent Quality. This is the second one I purchased for my showrooms and we love it.

Mariana T.
Montreal, QC

It's never been easier to turn any corner into two private rooms. Our F-shaped Two-Room Kit can bo rotated to fit into any corner of your space, and instantly gives you two separate rooms with included accordion doors. Easy DIY installation means anyone can create the space they need in a few hours, without the hassle of traditional construction. 

Whether you're looking to create treatment, consultation rooms for your business, a couple of home offices or something completely different, the F-shaped Two Room Kit gives you the ultimate flexibility, combined with the privacy that you need.

The direction of the F-shape can be installed in any way that fits your space, but note that the doors are by default located in the most economical position on the width of the kit as illustrated in the product images. (To change this, please request a custom quote)

The wall kit is easily mounted to your existing walls with the included mounting brackets. and a few basic tools. 

This two-room wall kit can be sized to your specific needs, but our preset kit room sizes range from 33 to 108 sq. ft. (Larger sizes available through custom orders)

Need a custom size?
Don't find your size? Not entirely sure what size is best for your space? 
Contact us via live chat, email, or phone! We have product and space design experts ready to help answer any questions.

If you are looking to set up a room in a corner, check out our L-shaped Room kit.

Choosing the right size is the most important step in ensuring a seamless integration of our partitions into your space. Follow these simple guidelines for the best results:

1. Measure Your Ceiling Height: It's essential to measure your ceiling height before making your purchase. Make sure it's at least 2" higher than your desired partition. For instance, for an 8' partition, an 8'2" ceiling height is ideal. This provides ample space for assembly and installation.

2. Check Your Floor: Ensure your floor is level, as any unevenness—like dips or bulges—could affect the setup.

The following measurements are only necessary for mounted straight walls and T-shaped wall kits:

3. Wall-to-Wall Width: The included wall mounting brackets measure 3"x3", allowing you about 2" of wiggle room (1" on each side) when determining your wall width.

For context, if you're considering a 138" wall kit, your space's wall-to-wall width should fall between 138"-140".

4. Floor Width: Ensure the width of your room along the floor, from the inside of one baseboard to the other, matches or exceeds the width of the wall kit you're thinking of purchasing.

As an example, for a 138" wall kit, your baseboard-to-baseboard span should be at least 138".

Please make sure you double-check your measurements to ensure a seamless fit. If you ever encounter challenges, our team is here to assist and guide you, but getting the right size is essential for an easy installation

Not sure about your measurements? Don’t find the size you need? Contact us, and our team will help you find a custom configuration that works for your space!

Wall Panels
3" thick wall panels crafted from Moisture and Impact Resistant Fiberglass. These panels are not only lightweight and sound-absorbing but also simple to maintain and clean. Assembly is straightforward, with panels easily snapping together using the included panel connectors, ensuring a stable and secure fit.

Accordion Door Kit(s)
Our 36" wide accordion door kit is tailored in heights of either 84" or 96", aligning with the height of the partition you opt for. Included is a specialized lintel, fitted with an integrated track for smooth door operation.

For installation, simply slide the folding door into the track, ensuring it's positioned between two panels. Once in place, the lintel and door are firmly locked using either lug or 2-way connectors. Each door boasts a double-sided handle, a pair of floor guides, and three integrated magnets to ensure a stable and secure closure.

Note that by default the door is positioned on the wall's width in the most economical position. If you have a special request for the door placement reach out to us, and we might be able to customize the kit to match your requirements (additional costs may apply).

2-Way and Lug Connectors
The two-way connectors interlock panels securely at the corners, while the panel lug connectors are essential for fastening stacked panels, ensuring stability from top to bottom.

Finishing Caps
To give your wall a polished, clean appearance, the kit comes with finishing caps to seal off exposed connector holes. Note that for walls taller than 6', finishing caps for the top are not included. Extra caps can be purchased from our Accessories page.

Wall Mounting Brackets (2-6*)
The Wall Mounting Brackets allow you to easily attach your new Wall Divider to your existing walls. Made of PVC, the bracket is designed to be strong yet flexible and easy to drill into. Simply drill two holes through the bracket into your wall, insert the included screws, nest the panels into the corner of the bracket, and add two more screws into the side of your panels. 

*1 included for each mounted end for 7ft tall walls and 2 included for each mounted end for 8ft tall walls.

Our modular wall kits are crafted for a seamless DIY experience. On average, a pair can set assemble and install our modular wall kits in under a few hours, with minimal tools.

Having a drill and/or screwdriver on hand is advisable for attaching the accordion doors and anchoring the wall kit to your existing walls.

Assembly Guides

If you can't find the right size or are uncertain about the best fit for your space, reach out to us through live chat, email, or phone.

Our team of product and space design specialists are ready to help you find the right fit.

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  • Modular Wall Kits ship out in 5-9 business days. Delivery usually occurs 2-3 weeks from the date of your order.

  • Once your order has been shipped you will receive a tracking link(s), so you can follow the shipment straight to your door.

  • The Modular Wall Kits are shipped via palletized freight services, complete with liftgate and curbside delivery. The local delivery partner will typically reach out to you 4-48 hours in advance to schedule a delivery timeframe that works for you. (Accessories for your kits will be delivered separately by regular parcel - see below)

  • The delivery partner will lower your order on the pallets at the curb of your address and request a signature for the delivery. Bringing the panels indoors is your responsibility, as well as discarding of any packing materials, including the pallet(s). 

  • Accessories for your Modular Wall Kits and cubicles (doors, desks, connectors, etc.) will be delivered as regular parcels, and will not require any signature. 


  • We offer cancellations free of charge within 24 hours after placing your order. This is your window to make changes or cancel your order entirely. After this 24-hour period, a 20% restocking fee based on your total purchase amount will apply. If your order has already been shipped you will also be responsible for round-trip freight charges.

  • For returns, we accept undamaged and unused products within 10 days of delivery. The return process will incur a 20% restocking fee and round-trip shipping costs. Once we have received and inspected the returned item, a refund will be processed to your original payment method.

The following items are considered final sale and are not eligible for return or exchanges:

  • 1x1 Sample Panels
  • Peel and Stick Wallpapers
  • Add-On Accessories

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White-glove installation service available

How it works


The wall panels consist of two fibreglass layers, supported by a unique interior frame system, resulting in a design that's both lightweight and structurally robust.

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Two-Way Connectors enable secure attachment of panels at both the top and bottom of each frame, ensuring an ultra-tight fit.


Patented Lug Connectors facilitate the easy, safe, and secure vertical stacking of panels. Simply push the connectors into place to attach the panels vertically.


The accordion door comes equipped with a lintel, handle, and a snap channel to securely latch it closed. Only a screwdriver is needed for installation.


Finishing Caps easily snap into receiver holes on all sides of each panel, sealing the holes and ensuring a sleek, finished appearance.


Attach the Wall Mounting Bracket to your existing wall. Then nest the panel inside the 'L' shape of the bracket, and screw the channel directly into the wall panel.

Assembly Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sarah Kearney
Great product and customer service

I was unsure about modular walls for my PT practice as I was afraid they would not provide enough privacy. The walls come together very nicely. There were minor gaps as our floor is definitely not perfectly even, so we covered all the connectors with white duct tape and then trimmed it to look like the rest of our building and it looks great! We even got the full swinging doors. I would nervous they would be hard to make flush, but we did it. No problem and they swing easily. Lastly they are super responsive. I had a quote the same day I reached out. The even helped determine the most cost effective version for my space. Overall great experience.

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We're so pleased to hear that the modular walls worked out well for your PT practice and provided the privacy you needed. It's great to know that you were able to seamlessly integrate the walls into your space, even with the challenge of an uneven floor. Your innovative use of white duct tape sounds like a smart solution!

Our team prides itself on being responsive and helpful, so it's wonderful to hear that we could assist you promptly and help you find a cost-effective option for your practice.

Thanks again for choosing us and for the kind review!